A Day Trip to D.C.

When staying in Basye, you’re just a hop skip and a jump from a day trip to the central hub of America, Washington D.C. Not only is it what it’s known for, being the central place for the American political powers to congregate and guide the country, but it’s a fantastic city to visit and learn of our history, explore wonderful museums. Here are a few things you should check out if you get out there for a day!

First Things First, Getting There

Washington D.C. is a wonderful place to visit, which is why so many people love to go there. Driving into D.C. is a fine way to check out the city, but if you’re worried about parking or traffic there is another option on the way in from Basye. You can purchase an online round-trip ticket from Amtrak for the Manassas Train Station to not only skip worrying about parking but to also bypass all the traffic in the surrounding suburbs. You’ll be taken into Union Station, right near the heart of D.C.! 

All the Museums…

One of the things you can’t miss when visiting D.C. are all the free Museums you can explore! There is such a variety of subjects and exhibits to explore, you’ll be constantly fascinated. For the Smithsonian museums, some of the coolest to explore are the National Museum of American History, National Museum African American History & Culture, National Museum of the American Indian, National Air & Space Museum, National Museum of American Art and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. In addition to these things, you can also visit the Zoo, US Capitol Building, the National Archives, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum all for free as well! There are a few good paid museums that should also be on your mind while visiting; the Spy Museum, the Newseum, and the Crime and Punishment Museum are well worth the entrance fee. These three are extremely interactive museums, perfect to bring a family to visit.

In Memoriam 

Washington D.C. is filled to the brim with history and gives us the chance to reflect in memory of those who came before us. The monuments and memorials speckled around the city are perfect locations to do just that. There are ones built to the past leaders of our country such as Lincoln, FDR, Washington, and Jefferson; sitting there to remind of us of our past, and the roots from which we came. There are also ones built to honor individuals who through their work made the world a better place; Martin Luther King in the National Mall, Albert Einstein in front of the National Academy of Sciences, Nelson Mandela on Embassy Row, and Mahatma Gandhi also on Embassy Row. One of the more somber ones are the memorials to the lives lost to wars; the Vietnam Memorial, WW2 Memorial, and the Korean Memorial all come to mind immediately. 

Grabbing a Bite

If you’re visiting for the day, then you’ll definitely have to consider picking up a bite to eat! Washington D.C. has a varied and amazing food scene, so there’s plenty to discover that will satisfy your curiosity. Maybe you’re just looking for a quick stop in for lunch. Wiseguy Pizza is the perfect place to grab a delicious slice of NYC style pizza, or if you’re in the mood for tacos consider checking out District Taco, an absolutely delicious local Taco chain! If you’re hanging around the Nationals Park or the Navy Yard, then consider heading over to Bonchon which is serving up delicious Korean food, most importantly those amazing Korean Fried Chicken wings with an assortment of mouthwatering sauces. If you’ve been exploring near Dupont Circle then consider checking out Rakuya where you can find sushi, Japanese cuisine, and delicious ramen. The last restaurant to recommend is The Partisan, which is located just a few streets north of the National Mall. Located right next to The Red Apron, a butcher shop, The Partisan is serving up amazing American and Charcuterie style food. You can either order from all of their amazing sandwiches, burgers, salads, and more; or you can order from their comprehensive and customizable Charcuterie menu featuring many of the things sold right next door!